EU Twinning projects in Georgia

In 2007 - 2018 Lithuania individually or as a partner of a consortium has been selected to implement 6 EU Twinning projects in Georgia:

  • 2018: Capacity Building of the Civil Service Bureau of Georgia to Implement the Civil Service Reform (budget – EUR 1,2 million; duration - 21/24 months; beginning – September 2018)
    Implementing parties: Lithuania (The Office of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, The Civil Service Department, The Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Lithuania, The European Social Fund Agency)
  • 2017: Strengthening the capacities of the technical and construction supervision agency (TCSA) in development of the market surveillance system in Georgia (budget – EUR 1,5 million; duration - 24 months; beginning – 3rd quarter 2017)
    Implementing parties: UK/Lithuania (National Consumer Rights Protection Authority)
  • 2017: Supporting the Georgian National Communication Commission (GNCC) in Developing its Electronic Communications Regulatory Framework and Operational Capacities in Line with EU Regulatory Framework (budget – EUR 1,3 million; duration – 18/21 months; beginning – 3rd quarter 2017)
    Implementing parties: Lithuania (Communications Regulatory Authority of the Republic of Lithuania; CPMA)/Germany/Poland
  • 2016: Strengthening Sustainable Management of Forests in Georgia (budget – EUR 0,84 million; duration – 18/21 months; implemented in 2017-2018)
    Implementing parties: Lithuania (Ministry of Environment; Environmental Project Management Agency)/Hungary
  • 2015: Strengthening Capacities of the Georgian National Energy and Water Supply regulatory  Commission (GNERC) in Regulatory Cost Audit and Market Monitoring (budget – EUR 1 million; duration – 21/24 months; implemented in 2015-2017)
    Implementing parties: Austria/Lithuania (National Commission for Energy Control and Prices)
  • 2010: Strengthening of the metrology and standardization infrastructure according to the best practice in the EU member states (budget – EUR 1,4 million; duration – 27 months; implemented in 2010-2012)
    Implementing parties: Germany/Lithuania (Lithuanian Standards Board)