Development Cooperation and Democracy Promotion Programme

Cooperation area Project Title The main implementing party
Good governance, strengthening administrative capacities The role of the media in the election campaign: training for the Armenian, Azerbaijani and Georgian journalists

Communication school Ltd.

Good governance, strengthening administrative capacities Administrative Capacity Building in  the Area of Standardization in Order to Implement the European Neighbourhood Policy Action Plan (Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan) Lithuanian Standards Board under the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania
Good governance, strengthening administrative capacities Human Rights and European Integration School Center for Public Policy Strategies in Lithuania and the Analytical Centre for Globalization and Regional Cooperation (ACGRC, Armenia)
Sustainable development The identification of the main trends of improvement of the medical support for mother and child in Turkmenistan

Dr. Arunas Liubšys, head of the newborn intensive care department of Vilnius University Children's Hospital

Sustainable development Analysis of Azerbaijani health care facilities needs

Public entity  "MSAT office”

Sustainable development The capacity building of Armenian Child Rights Center of the Public Defender Office (PDO) to be fully operational institution to deal with the protection of the children’s rights effectively Children’s right ombudsmen institution