Created: 2020.04.29 / Updated: 2020.05.15 14:02

The 2019 Report of the Development Cooperation and Democracy Promotion Programme has been published

The Development Cooperation and Democracy Promotion Programme is an integral part of Lithuania's official development assistance, financed from the budget appropriations allocated to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In 2019, EUR 3.28 million was used for the activities of the programme. The bulk of the programme consisted of funding for projects in partner countries, as well as voluntary contributions to international funds and humanitarian aid.

In 2019, 78 development cooperation projects worth more than EUR 2.1 million were implemented. As in previous years, most of the projects were implemented in the priority countries of European Union's Eastern Partnership: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. Particular attention was paid to Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine, where Lithuania provided support to promote political and economic integration with the EU, and social and economic reforms.

An important task of the programme is to disseminate information and develop the support of the Lithuanian society for development cooperation. The programme contributed to the organization of the International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival "Inconvenient Films", organized a thematic discussion on the importance of development cooperation at the annual discussion festival "Būtent" in Birštonas, and organized trainings for project developers and implementers.

In line with its international commitments to contribute to poverty reduction efforts, increase the resilience of recipient countries and the most vulnerable groups, and promote democratic values, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has provided contributions to development cooperation funds and international organizations. In 2019, EUR 631 thousand was allocated for voluntary contributions. One-third of these funds was allocated to the EHU University programme, and another third to support reforms in Ukraine.

Another EUR 460 thousand was allocated for humanitarian aid. This accounted for 16% of all humanitarian aid provided by Lithuania and was directed to Yemen, Palestinian refugees, Syria, Ukraine, Rohingya refugees and Albania.

The Development Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible for the implementation of the programme, and coordinates and manages projects together with the Central Project Management Agency and diplomatic missions of the Republic of Lithuania. More information on projects, programme activities and results can be found in the report.