Created: 2019.10.29 / Updated: 2019.10.29 18:11

„Science-to-business“ initiative applied to cooperation between Lithuania and Turkey universities

Cappadocia Techpark at the University of Nevsehir together with Kaunas University of Technology completed the implementation of the Lithuanian Development Cooperation Project to promote cooperation between Lithuanian and Turkish higher education institutions in the "science-to-business“ field and to contribute to the capacity building of Turkish higher education institutions by sharing of good practice of Lithuania.

Representatives of Cappadocia Techpark participated in trainings organized in Lithuania and Turkey. It was organized by the head of KTU National Innovation and Business Center dr. Mindaugas Bulota, Intellectual Property Management Project Manager Greta Žėkienė and Technology Transfer Project Managers dr. Tadas Prasauskas and Robertas Armonaitis. The University's experts shared good practices of implementing projects financed by EU. Furthermore, during trainings the IPR management practices, technology transfer process with invention discovery, patenting and licensing system as well as guidance for beginners and experienced start-ups were introduced.

The “Strengthening the collaboration between higher education and business world: sharing the experiences “ project is funded by the Development Cooperation and Democracy Promotion Programme of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania.