Created: 2016.09.09 / Updated: 2017.10.10 18:20

“Empowerment Livelihood and Integration Programme for Internally Displaced Persons in Ukraine “NEW START”

In 2016 Human Rights Foundation together with prominent regional partners in Lviv, Vinnytsia and Zaporizhia is implementing the project “NEW START” for internally displaced persons, providing training education for IDP leaders and financial aid for pro-business oriented IDPs willing to establish a new business entity at host community.

In the course of announced call for start-up sub-grants/credits, the Steering committee has received over 380 submitted applications from over 9 regions of Ukraine, what highlights the importance and high demand of the current programme in IDP community on the national level. Many of them did not meet the minimum eligibility criteria, as the call was focused on 3 target regions only (Lviv, Vinnytsia and Zaporizhia oblasts).

After rigorous analysis of all proposals, project defense regional sessions with question/answers and due diligence survey six winners have been selected, among them: Vinnytsia cluster (Marina Buhryakova from Donetsk and Inna Sheverneva from Lugansk region), Lviv cluster (Natalia Kontorovskaya and Anastasia Kopelyha), Zaporizhia cluster (Oksana Rusanova and Kozhevnikova Ekaterina from Lugansk oblast). All project ideas are innovative and socially demanded at the local markets. All winners possess substantive amount of professional experience at home in past. The Steering committee was not in favor of business-plans developed from the scratch. Thorough attention was put towards persons’ prior motivation and past record of work in the offered professional ambit.

Natalia Kantarovkaya after receiving a grant purchased equipment for sewing professional branded clothes, named “Smart needle”. Natalia established cooperation with a local bakehouse “Crimean bins” and produced for them over 15 branded dresses for employees. The innovation of her studio is in production of ethnic apparels. For the last 2 months she received over 20 requests from local Tatar’s women to repair their ethnic dresses. The samples of Natalia’s works are exposed in social media, she receives constant comments and positive feedbacks from clients.

Anastasia Kopelyha managed to establish a massive manufacture not only for Lviv region, but covered another four neighboring oblasts with her unique self-production (water and dirt-resistant tablecloths). She utilizes social medias for her products outreach, this gives her clients additional ground to follow feedbacks from other customers, what adds score to the quality of her manufacture in general.

Participation in this project allowed grantees not only set up an entrepreneurship, but “reload themselves for a new life” and find new dimensions and horizons. New city, new community, new life conditions did not frighten, but challenged for day-and-night work and established new partnerships and links with local people in Lviv, Vinnytsia and Zaporizhia. However, the most eloquent evidence of success of the current project is sincere feedbacks from grantees and their new clients. Please come to visit them and you will be amazed with gained results in the Integration Programme for Internally Displaced Persons in Ukraine “NEW START”.

The Project is funded under the Lithuanian Development Cooperation and Democracy Promotion Programme.