Development Cooperation with Georgia

Lithuania, having become a member of the European Union (EU), helps the countries of the Eastern Partnership to seek political association and economic integration with the EU. Good neighborly relations with these countries, also known as the Eastern Partners, and their full support in implementing broad political, economic and social reforms are a coherent priority of Lithuania's foreign policy.

In 2005 - 2018, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania funded 188 projects in Georgia for more than 1.9 million Euro by the Development Cooperation and Democracy Support Program in the following areas: support for regional development, support for democracy and human rights, strengthening civil society, support for euro-integration processes, administrative capacity building, economic and social development.

Lithuania participates in the EU Twinning Program and in other European Development Cooperation projects in Georgia as well. In 2007-2018, thirty-six calls for EU Twinning applications were launched. Lithuanian institutions participated in the selection of 13 EU Twinning projects, of which they won six projects for 7.24 million Euro.

Lithuania is ready to continue its support to Georgia by strengthening its administrative and institutional capacity to implement reforms related to the EU-Georgia Association Agreement, sharing experience, training and legal advice. Lithuania will strive for bilateral co-operation to contribute to strengthening democracy and civil society by promoting European and Euro-Atlantic integration, promoting social and economic activity, consolidating equal opportunities, improving agricultural development, protecting the environment and climate change.