Success Stories

Together with the Governor of Ghor Province and the United States Agency for International Development, Lithuania set up the Training Centre for Public Servants in Chaghcharan in 2007. Lithuania financed training courses for public servants and maintenance of the centre. In 2007–2013, more than 800 participants, including nearly half of them senior-year schoolchildren, underwent administrative capacity, English and computer literacy training.

Seeking to strengthen law enforcement authorities in Ghor Province, Lithuania and the European Commission financed the construction of the provincial prosecutor's office and renovation of the building of the Court of Appeal, the provision of the necessary equipment and tools as well as training for the representatives of law enforcement authorities of the province that were attended by over 50 provincial judges, prosecutors and other officials.

Lithuanian experts provided administrative capacity building, project preparation, organisational management and other relevant training for representatives of the administration and non-governmental organisations of Ghor Province in Vilnius and Chaghcharan. The sharing of experience between Lithuanian experts and local population contributed to the more effective governance of the province and development of active civil society able to take responsibility for the development of their country.

In 2012–2015, Lithuania contributed to strengthening the cooperation between Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan to prevent the spread of communicable animal diseases in the region by building the capacity of officials of agricultural ministries and experts of veterinary services of the countries and transferring Lithuania's experience in developing and putting in place veterinary control and supervision systems according to European standards.

Lithuania helped build the new centre for children in Chaghcharan which accommodates around 200 orphans and which was opened in November 2012. It is an excellent example of cooperation between international PRT partners. Within the territory of the centre, Japan built vocational training centres were locals learn English, accounting, computer literacy, computer repair, electrical work, train to become carpenters and bakers, pick up gardening and other professional skills. The vocational training courses were financed by the USA. In addition, Lithuania donated school supplies, clothing, mattresses and provided medical assistance.

A city park where children can play in the new playground and enjoy the fountain was built in cooperation with the Chaghcharan Municipality and the USA.

Lithuania financed the reconstruction of Chaghcharan Hospital, including the preparation of the hospital reconstruction feasibility study and technical design, construction of the water tower, washing facilities, and outpatient clinic, renovation of the water system, installation of the wastewater system, reconstruction of toilets, construction of temporary buildings for patients as well as repair of electrical wiring.

While just 10 primary medical centres operated in Ghor Province in 2008, their number rose to 56 in 2013. Since competent treatment can be only ensured by well-trained specialists, Lithuania sought to both improve the infrastructure of treatment facilities and qualifications of staff employed there. Professional improvement courses for doctors from Ghor Province were organised in Lithuania, vaccination campaign for children was carried out in Chaghcharan, one Lithuanian female obstetrician-gynecologist and one pediatrician trained hospital staff and provided medical care to women and children. Nursing ABC, obstetric, pediatric and post-surgery care classes financed by Lithuania were attended by 25 representatives of Ghor Province, including 3 women, and 400 women attended hygiene and family planning classes. In the province, 38 wells were dug up supplying drinking water to more than 4,000 families.

Lithuania financed the construction of 22 schools in Ghor Province and almost 4,500 children received primary education attending community schools. Lithuania set up and equipped the first public library in Ghor Province and donated more than 3,000 books in the Dari and Pashtun languages. Moreover, 8 books with Lithuanian fairy tales were published in the Dari language. The books with pictures drawn by Lithuanian schoolchildren and art teachers enriched the public library and became a significant gift to the children of Ghor Province.

Lithuanian agricultural experts helped develop arable farming and animal farming in Ghor Province. Lithuanian experts tested the local soil and donated small agricultural machinery, water pumps, various species of winter wheat, perennial grass and vegetable seeds and veterinary supplies to Chaghcharan Agricultural School. Lithuania helped vaccinate more than 60,000 cattle, trained nearly 50 veterinary specialists, installed 8 irrigation channels for arable land and 8 hothouses, set up 40 poultry and 5 bee farms, drew up guidelines on crop farming development and animal disease control and prevention for public officials of Ghor Province. 139 demonstration potato warehouses were built in the province, 260 poor families were trained to grow potatoes, use harvesting and warehousing skills. Agricultural specialists from Ghor Province underwent traineeship at Lithuanian universities.

In 2011, the new modern runway of Chaghcharan airport was put into service. The reconstruction of the airport was launched thanks to diplomatic efforts of Lithuania and its feasibility study was financed by Lithuania. The reconstruction of the airport was financed by the Asian Development Bank, Afghanistan Government and United States Agency for International Development.

For a long time Chaghcharan was the only provincial capital in Afghanistan without a single asphalt street. The streets would turn into impassable clay swamps during rainy seasons or would suffocate from dust during dry seasons. Lithuania helped build the first asphalt street in Chaghcharan (2 km). The Lithuanian initiative was supported by Japan and the USA enabling to build additional 11 kilometres of asphalt streets in Chaghcharan and install a solar lighting system.

Lithuania financed the construction of 3 small hydropower plants which supply electricity to more than 500 households. Lithuania helped ensure access to the drinking water source for over 30 villages in the province. Other development cooperation projects were implemented in collaboration with local communities: 25 road passes improved the infrastructure of regional roads, rural schools and mosques were renovated, athletic fields for children and youth were built.